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Fact Sheet:

Behavioral Health Provider: Core Cx360

Download this free fact sheet to learn more about Core Cx360, the comprehensive EHR platform designed by Core Solutions to serve behavioral health care providers and improve payer, provider and client relationships.

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This free fact sheet offers an overview of the benefits Core Cx360 offers behavioral health care providers and the ways in which this technology improves the service delivery capabilities of those in both private and public sectors. Core Solutions’ Core Cx360 enables end-to-end process automation for integrated behavioral healthcare, helps increase operational efficiency, improves access to information and reduces the payment burden on providers and consumers. Read the fact sheet now to discover how this platform is changing behavioral health one solution at a time.

Read this fact sheet now to learn about:

  • How Core Cx360 increases operational efficiency and improves information access
  • How Core Cx360 offers E2E process automation and enables care coordination
  • How Core Cx360 empowers informed decision-making and reduces payment burdens