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Transitioning from Meaningful Use to Meaningful Results

Download this free pre-recorded webinar to learn how to accelerate the adoption of a recovery-oriented approach in behavioral health, and how to use an outcomes-based model to measure consumer recovery. With this effective model, your behavioral health organization can meet modern expectations for more than just stabilization, but consumer recovery and re-engagement with the world.

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This free, one-hour webinar will demonstrate how your healthcare organization can benefit from a recovery and outcomes focus, which builds and utilizes your consumer’s strengths to address their trauma and re-integrate them into the community. Sponsored by Core Solutions and featuring speakers Roy Starks, Director of Rehabilitation Services and Reaching Recovery for the Mental Health Center of Denver, and Ravi Ganesan, CEO of Core Solutions, the presentation details how to use minimal resources in an optimum fashion to increase the likelihood of sustained behavioral health recovery.

Watch this video now to learn about:

  • The industry transition from meaningful use to meaningful outcomes
  • How a recovery focus is best suited for the behavioral health industry
  • The Mental Health Center of Denver’s successful use of an outcomes model
  • An outcome measurement roadmap that will get your organization started