Behavioral Health EHR Solutions


Core Collaborative Care Rapid Access, On Demand Care & Informed Behavioral Health Consumers

Download this free video to learn about the Core Collaborative Care Platform, which provides behavioral health in one click. With Core Solutions, your organization can treat clients with a borderless, on-demand and collaborative behavioral health environment.

Download & Watch this video now


This free, six-minute video will demonstrate how to progress through the recovery process using the Core Collaborative Care Platform from the provider and consumer perspective. In the post-reform era, a scarcity of qualified professionals are attempting to meet an increased demand for service and increased engagement, and the our platform meets this need by enabling consumers to seek help quickly and conveniently, while ensuring providers can effectively treat their clients.

Watch this video now to learn how clients and providers can:

  • Quickly gain access to provider services using the platform’s service locator
  • Engage in seamless consumer-to-provider video chats
  • Use the mobile EHR to conduct boundary-less care
  • Encourage health literacy using targeted consumer health education material
  • Enable consumer self-management with a secure personal health record
  • Utilize the integrated outcomes analysis to monitor the consumer recovery process