The Ultimate Guide to Behavioral Health EHR Selection

The behavioral health industry is growing rapidly. To remain competitive, providers at mental health, I/DD, substance use disorder and other organizations must find ways to serve more patients and better demonstrate outcomes improvement under value-based payment. One solution is to implement an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, which is essential to the success of any behavioral health organization.  

What should I know as a behavioral health provider? 

Behavioral health providers must identify a configurable EHR solution that will enable their organization to make more efficient processes and uncover insights to improve clinical effectiveness and profitability.  

In this Core Solutions e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Behavioral Health EHR Selection, the authors guide behavioral health providers in how to identify technology competencies that will best serve their specific patient population’s needs, position their organizations for success under value-based payment models, and attain business insights necessary to realize clinical and financial performance improvement. 

Topics include: 

  • Signs that your behavioral health EHR is not keeping pace with technology of peers 
  • Top features to look for in a behavioral health EHR 
  • Key considerations when building a business case for EHR investment
  • How to compare behavioral health EHR solution providers
  • What to look for to best ensure implementation success and ongoing realization of productivity and profitability gains  

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The Ultimate Guide to Behavioral Health EHR Selection