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The Future for I/DD: How Advanced Technology Is Shaping Our Field

The challenges currently facing agencies serving those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) risk sending the industry and the care provided to those we serve back decades. At the same time, many providers are successfully confronting, navigating, and overcoming barriers that could stand in the way of progress and improvement by leveraging advanced technology.  

In this webinar, Terence Blackwell Jr., Senior I/DD Advisor at Executive Management Consulting, and Jon Trigg, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Core Solutions, review the innovative solutions available to I/DD providers and how adoption of leading-edge technology is raising efficiencies, minimizing gaps, strengthening performance, and achieving improvements that keep the focus on delivering individualized, person-centered services. 

Technologies covered include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning; advanced EHR features such as embedded workflow engines, a care coordination interface, and rules engines; evidence-based practices; and clinical decision-support.  

After this webinar, you will come away with a better understanding of the technologies here today and on the horizon and how these solutions will position I/DD providers for greater sustainability and long-term success in the emerging world of managed care. 

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The Future for I/DD: How Advanced Technology Is Shaping Our Field


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